BIO-FILM at the Nencki Institute

On May 19, 2014, the Nencki Institute will present the next in a series of screenings of nature films under the BIO-FILM project. During this session we showed the French movie "Life in Hell – Survivors of Darkness”. More information:


This film "Life in Hell – Survivors of Darkness” directed by Thierry Berrod. This film won the Prize for Educational movies during the 15 International Wlodzimierz Puchalski Festival of Nature Films in Lodz.


Life in Hell – Survivors of Darkness

In these environments, micro – organisms rule. Certain animals have strange adaptations such as skin is totally white or even transparent. Others are blind. Scientists are studying how these species manage to survive with so little oxygen, food and light in the most inhospitable caves on the planet. The Movile Cave in Romania is without a doubt the most extreme subterranean environment on Earth. In certain parts of the cave, the concentration of hydrogen sulphate is 100 times that of the air we breathe. And yet in this Hell, thanks to the action of certains microbes, a rich ecosystem has developed

Merck is the media patron of the BIO-FILM project.


Date of publication
6 May 2014