Conference “Visualizing senescent cells in vitro and in vivo”

It is believed that cellular senescence may be the cause aging and age-related disease. Cellular senescence is characterized by many markers and the accumulation of senescent cells has been shown in model organisms and humans. Revealing the mechanisms inducing the process of cellular senescence as well as methods of identification of senescent cells will help to elucidate the phenomenon of physiological and pathological aging and will pave the way for a long and healthy life span. The “Visualizing senescent cells in vitro and in vivo” Conference is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and important meetings in cellular senescence and aging research. We will bring together a diverse group of outstanding scientists at the forefront of research. Moreover we will support active participation of younger scientists and students as well. Please visit our website and join us. We hope that you will share our enthusiasm for this meeting.

Invited speakers:
• Thomas Arendt
• Jiri Bartek
• Jakaterina Erenpreisa
• Fabrizio d’Adda di Fagagna
• Krzysztof Książek
• Daniel Peeper
• Clemens Schmitt
• Manuel Serrano
• Michael Sherman
• Andrzej Składanowski
• Joanna Szczepanowska
• Julia Yaglom
• Jacek Witkowski

Date of publication
7 November 2012