Dr. Aleksandra Pekowska and Dr. Grzegorz Sumara from the Nencki Institute are laureates of EMBO Installation Grants 2019

The leaders of two Dioscuri Scientific Excellence Centers in the Nencki Institute, Dr. Aleksandra Pekowska, and Dr Grzegorz Sumara were chosen to receive prestigious EMBO Installation Grants, which will support them in establishing independent laboratories.

The EMBO Installation Grants promote the international mobility of scientists, with applicants being required to have spent at least two consecutive years outside the country in which they are establishing their laboratory. Currently, two such research laboratories, led by  Professor Agnieszka Dobrzyn and Dr hab. Dorota Wloga, exists in the Nencki Institute.

The 2019 Installation Grantees will establish five laboratories in Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, and Turkey.

Awarded Projects:

Dr. Aleksandra Pekowska – Evolutionary and functional genomics of astrocytes

Dr. Grzegorz Sumara – Signalling cascades in metabolic diseases

More about EMBO Installation Grants:


Date of publication
17 January 2020