Dr. Paweł Boguszewski becomes head of the Laboratory of Behavioral Methods at the Nencki Institute

As a result of the competition procedure, Dr. Paweł Boguszewski has become the head of the Behavioral Methods Laboratory, a newly established core-facility at the Nencki Institute.

Dr. Boguszewski is a graduate of the Faculty of Biology at Warsaw University. He received his Ph.D. degree at the Nencki Institute and completed his scientific internship at Yale University in the USA.

Dr. Boguszewski is an experienced behaviorist who has been specializing in the design and analysis of animal behavior research for years. He is also the author of several programs for analyzing data from behavioral studies.

The overarching aim of the Laboratory of Behavioral Methods is to provide high-quality behavioral screening and testing services for Nencki Institute as well as other scientists and companies. The laboratory is equipped with a broad spectrum of behavioral tests - sensory and motor abilities, emotional level, learning and memory, social interactions, and complex cognitive tasks. Also, we employ automatic, computerized tests for non-invasive testing of animal cohorts (IntelliCages, Eco-HAB).  The Laboratory offers comprehensive user support - from planning experiments and manufacturing equipment through execution, advanced statistical data analysis, and manuscript preparation.

Date of publication
26 June 2020