Paloma Álvarez Suárez

President of the PhD student Council

I’m in my fourth year of studies, and now I belong to the Laboratory of Molecular Basis of Cell Motility led by Prof. Rędowicz.
My projects revolve around actin cytoskeleton dynamics in the context of the neuromuscular junction, where I study the role of motor-based proteins, scaffolding proteins and co-transcription factors using transgenic mice and cell culture approaches.My main scientific interest and what I would love to work on after my PhD is cellular agriculture (lab-grown food products such as meat or milk). I am also interested in bringing visibility to PhD students’ issues, including psychological health, gender inequality, and educational lacks.

Joanna Plewko

Vice-president of the PhD student Council

I’m a fourth year PhD student at the Laboratory of Language Neurobiology led by Prof. Katarzyna Jednoróg. My thesis is about letter and speech sound association in the human brain (especially in children) in sighted and blind population.
My scientific interests are neuroplasticity, psychometry and statistics.In my free time, I enjoy visiting restaurants, especially after “Kuchenne rewolucje” to try Magda Gessler’s specials. I’m also a fan of long walks with my beloved fiance Krzysztof and our awesome dog Guts.

Gabriela Dzięgiel-Fivet

Secretaty of the PhD student Council

I’m a fourth year PhD student in the Labotatory of Language Neurobiology under the supervision of Professor Katarzyna Jednoróg. I study the language (especially reading) neural network in the sighted and blind populations using fMRI.

In my free time I enjoy reading and swing dancing.

Justyna Wiśniewska
I am in my first year of PhD School. I am a part of the Laboratory of Neuronal Plasticity led by Dr. Anna Beroun. My project is focused on synaptic plasticity of appetitive learning. I study how addictive and natural rewards impact and reshape the brain.Privately I enjoy nonfiction books and cuddling with cats.
Diana Legutko
I am a third year student at the Laboratory of Neurobiology. I am working on identifying the role of matrix metalloproteinase 9 in synaptic plasticity in the brain.
My main scientific interests are molecular mechanisms of neuronal interaction which underly processes of learning.
I greatly enjoy fashion, good cooking, cats and every woman’s right to decide about themselves. As a Member of PhD Student Council I want to build a strong and supportive community for all of the students.
Shur Gałecka

I am a fourth year PhD student at the Laboratory of Intracellular Ion Channels led by Prof. Adam Szewczyk.
In my field I am mainly interested in mitochondrial potassium channels, especially mitoBK. Those play a significant role in reducing the harmful effects of ischemia.

As a member of the PhD Student Council I handle soft-skills issues.

Iwona Sirocka

I’m the second year student and I’m a part of Laboratory of Neurobiology, where I’m investigating influence of inflammation processes on neurodevelopmental disorders.

I love dancing, memes, and fantasy books. I enjoy also horror movies, board games, and gardening. I want to help people who feel left out or have issues in finding their place in the Institute


Stipend Commission:

Chairman – prof. dr hab. Daniel Wojcik

Members – dr hab. Wiesława Leśniak, MSc Eryk Duński, MSc Shur Gałecka, MSc Michał Niziołek


Appeal Stipend Committee:

Chairman – prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Zabłocki

Members – prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Skup, MSc Diana Legutko, MSc Iwona Sirocka, MSc Justyna Wiśniewska


Competition Commission:

Chairman – prof. dr hab. Daniel Wojcik

Members – dr hab. Wiesława Leśniak, MSc Eryk Duński, MSc Shur Gałecka, MSc Michał Niziołek


Doctoral Commission:

Chairman – prof dr hab. Daniel Wojcik

Members – prof. dr hab. Adam Szewczyk. prof. dr hab. Katarzyna Nałęcz, Debadeep Chaudhury


PhD Student representative in Scientific Council:

MSc Julian Swatler


National PhD Students Representation:

MSc Joanna Plewko


Warsaw’s Agreement of PhD Students:

MSc Gabriela Dzięgiel-Fivet


PhD Student representative in HR Excellence:

MSc Joanna Plewko