Educational picnic on the water

On 7th May, 2016, Nencki Institute Hydrobiological Station in Mikolajki and Mazurian Landscape Park (MLP) co-organized Educational picnic on the water. The meeting guests participated in the workshops and listened to the interesting lectures.



1. Hydrobiological Station - Mikolajki - what it is and what it does? - presentation about the Station and the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology in Warsaw (T. Janecki, J. Ejsmont-Karabin)

2. What lives in the water - in the lake Mikolajskie and in the river Krutynia? - lecture, sampling, microscopic workshop (T. Janecki, M. Kwiatkowska and J. Gencza - MLP)

3. Become the hydrobiologist for a moment - presentation of lakes researcher work, independent measurements of basic parameters of water (T. Janecki)

4. Mazurian Landscape Park - nature, history and culture - presentation of landscape values and activities of Mazurian Landscape Park (M. Kwiatkowska - MLP)

5. Nature of the Mazurian Landscape Park – diaporama by W. Bzura MLP



1. Close encounters with insects - waters and pollinatings insects (M. Kwiatkowska and J. Gencza - MLP)

2. Presentation of the tourist attractions of Mazurian Landscape Park (M. Kwiatkowska and J. Gencza - MLP)

3. Games, quizzes and art classes for children and adults.

08 June 2016