Equipment investment projects

After concentrated efforts over the period of the last three years, Nencki Institute has been extraordinarily successful in obtaining financial support from the European Union Structural Funds. The Institute has been awarded nearly 10 million PLN for three equipment investment projects, the total value of which is nearly 18 million PLN. The most significant purchases financially will take place within the scope of the Centre of Advanced Technology BIM project “Equipment purchase for the Laboratory of Biological and Medical Imaging”. The funding level of this project, realised together with the Medical University of Warsaw and Warsaw University, exceeds 15 million PLN for the consortium which making it the biggest equipment investment project in Poland realised within the Sectoral Operational Programme- Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises, Activity 1.4. The Nencki Institute is the Coordinator of this project. The Institute will purchase a new confocal microscope based on cutting-edge technology, which allows for extraordinarily high time-space resolution, a new electron microscope, and several elements of the electron and optical microscopy workstation’s new equipment together with supporting IT systems. Such high investments in cutting-edge research equipment at the Nencki Institute, along with the ongoing renovation and construction works, represent the first step in creating a modern research infrastructure on the Ochota Research Campus.

Date of publication
24 June 2010