Flow cytometry
Cytek Aurora

With five lasers, three scattering channels (FSC, blue laser SSC and violet laser SSC) and 64 fluorescence channels, the Aurora suits every laboratory’s needs, from simple to high complexity applications. The detection of some fluorochrome combinations by conventional flow cytometry presents a challenge due to high amounts of spectral overlap. The Aurora addresses this challenge by using differences in full emission spectra signatures across all lasers to clearly resolve these combinations, even if the populations are co-expressed.

The state-of-the-art optics and low-noise electronics provide excellent sensitivity and resolution. Flat-top laser beam profiles, combined with a uniquely designed fluidics system, translate to outstanding performance at high sample flow rates.

This system delivers high quality data where rare and dim populations are easily resolved, regardless of assay complexity.


SpectroFlo® software

Form of cooperation:
Hourly usage rate. Time-slots should be agreed in advance, individual pricing for larger projects.

Milena Wiech, PhD
Agata Kominek, MSc