Fourth Marie Curie Reintegration Grant Funded at the Nencki Institute

The project entitled The Role of the Grhl1 gene in skin cancer will last four years and will be funded by the European Commission to the level of 100 000 Euro. The aims of this project are to further characterize the involvement of PI3K/Akt signaling pathway in skin cancer, and to establish the role of Grhl1 in this pathway. The scientist will also determine whether the Grhl1 gene functions as a tumor suppressor in skin cancer. To achieve these goals, Dr Wilanowski’s group will use a multidisciplinary approach, utilizing our established molecular, genetic, biochemical and bioinformatic resources. Their findings will improve the understanding of the biology of skin cancer, and may provide strategies for both treatment and prevention.

Dr Wilanowski joins three other recipients of Marie Curie reintegration grant awards in FP7: Dr. Katarzyna Kalita, Dr. Małgorzata Zawadzka and Dr. Katarzyna Radwańska. This brings the number of successful applications to four talented young researchers who have returned from abroad to pursue their scientific careers at the Nencki Institute.

Date of publication
9 September 2010