Gender equality plan at the Nencki Institute

Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS set up a gender equality plan (GEP) for years 2022-2026. Since 2022 adopting a GEP is an obligatory criterion required by the European Commission in the Horizon Europe programme. Gender equality plan for the Nencki Institute includes diagnosis of the current situation and goals aiming to develop and promote antidiscriminatory practices and expand gender equality competences. Reaching goals will be monitored and in 2025 GEP will be evaluated and goals for the upcoming years will be set up. Gender equality plan was developed by the Commission for Implementation of Gender Equality Plan and Antidiscriminatory Guide and accepted by the Director of the Nencki Institute Prof. Agnieszka Dobrzyń.

Link to GEP (in Polish):

Date of publication
8 June 2022