“Great discoveries in neurobiology and neuromedicine”: 2019 Brain Awareness Week at the Nencki Institute

The Brain Awareness Week is the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. This year it will be held between March 11-16 2019 at the Nencki Institute. This year’s Warsaw Brain Awareness Week keynote will be to disseminate knowledge about great discoveries in neuroscience and neuromedicine. We plan five lectures aiming at adult and older student audience. The sixth day of the BAW will be fulfilled with exhibitions and games, the neuroanatomical exhibition, EEG recordings and a display on hominid brain evolution. These were designed for children, to introduce them to basic neuroanatomy and brain physiology, but of course older audience is welcome. The main organizers of BAW 2019 are Polish Neuroscience Society and the Nencki Institute, and the main sponsors are European DANA Alliance for the Brain (EDAB) and the Nencki Institute.

Date of publication
8 March 2019