Honourary Membership in Scientific Societies

In addition the Polish Biochemical Society, during a general assembly meeting, bestowed the title of Honorary Member of the Polish Biochemical Society on Prof. Maciej Nałęcz, long time director of the Nencki Institute, in recognition for services rendered for the Polish biochemical community.

During the general assembly meeting of the Polish Biochemical Society, the new authorities of the society have been elected. Prof. Andrzej Dżugaj was voted president of the society for the second term. Prof. Adam Szewczyk, director of the Nencki Institute PAS was elected the new vice president. In addition the following employees of the Nencki Institute have joined the authorities of the society: Prof. Jolanta Barańska, Prof. Jolanta Rędowicz, Dr. Joanna Bandorowicz-Pikuła and Dr. Paweł Pomorski.

22 September 2011