International Conference “Future of Ageing” at the Nencki Institute

On September 23rd-24th, 2016 in the Nencki Institute Neurobiology Center Hall the international conference “Future of Aging” was held, which was the joint event of the 10th Congress of Biogerontology of European International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics and the 6th Biogerontological Meetings at the Nencki Institute. The Conference was organized by the members of the Laboratory of the Molecular Bases of Aging headed by prof. Ewa Sikora.


In the conference 140 registered attendants participated, many honorable guests,and PhD students and workers for whom the registration was free of charge. The organizers invited 20 speakers from Poland (4), Austria (2), India (2), Great Britain (2), Hungary (1), Denmark (1), Holland (1), Israel (1), Germany (1), the United States of America (1) and Canada (1). From submitted abstracts five short oral presentations were chosen. The 52 other communications were presented at the poster session. There were the following sessions: Aging and Longevity, Genetics and Epigenetics in Aging, Immunosenescence and Metabolism, Aging and Disease Overlap, Intervention in Aging and Cellular Senescence. The conference was a great success both in case of merit and organization. The problem of aging and longevity was discussed in a very broad context. Although we know a lot about aging, the process still seems to be a big puzzle. Aging is unavoidable, but malleable. The biogerontologists agree that everybody, despite the age and genetic background can still take care of his/her health span. As the life style is reflected in epigenome it is necessary to take care of our healthy diet (low caloric functional food) and moderate but regular physical activity. They improve not only the function of our body but also our mind. At the beginning of next year a special post-conference edition of the Biogerontology journal will be issued from which more updated information concerning aging and longevity will be obtained.


Date of publication
4 October 2016