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Research profile

Our research concentrates on unraveling of conventional (kinase-dependent) and non-canonical (dependent on ubiquitin-proteasome system) signaling pathways regulating metabolism of adipocytes, hepatocytes, enterocytes and pancreatic beta cells. Furthermore, we investigate how these signaling events contribute to the development of metabolic diseases. To study the complex signaling network regulating basic metabolic processes we combine cell biology, biochemical and omics approaches with mouse genetics. Our mouse genetic experiments concentrate on diacylglycerol-activated Protein kinase D (PKDs) family members, which are central regulators of adipose tissue, liver, digestive system and pancreatic function and are implicated in development of obesity as well as T2D. Using high-throughput screening approaches, we aim at identification of novel canonical and unconventional components of signaling machinery regulating adipocytes function and their contribution to the development of multiple metabolic diseases including obesity, type 2 diabetes (T2D) as well as cancer-associated cachexia (CAC). Finally, we are employing our findings for generation of novel precision medicine therapies to restore metabolic fitness of the organism affected by the major metabolic diseases.

For further information visit: grzegorzsumaralab.nencki.edu.pl

Current research activities

  • Identification of conventional and non-canonical signaling modules (E3 ligases and DUBs) in the regulation of lipolysis
  • Decoding signaling events inducing lipolysis in adipocytes during metabolic diseases
  • Unraveling the impact of PKD-dependent signaling on lipid absorption, adipose tissue function and development of metabolic diseases
  • Identification of mechanisms of organ cross-talk in regulation of pancreatic beta cell function


Selected publications

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*equal contribution

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*equal contribution.