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Research profile

Our research interests concentrate on molecular events resulting from brain damage and molecular basis of epileptogenesis. Our research projects aim at the description of transcriptome changes in experimental models of epileptogenesis and epilepsy in vivo, deciphering the role of candidate epileptogenesis and epilepsy genes and mechanisms of regulation of gene expression. In particular we are interested in epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation, including the role of microRNA. Another field of research conducted in our lab is search for noninvasive biomarkers of epileptogenesis and epilepsy: circulating microRNA and behavior. Finally, we work on creating new and the improvement of existing models of epilepsy.

Current research activities

  • role of epiegenetic mechanisms of regulation of gene expression in epileptogenesis
  • search for noninvasive biomarkers of epileptogenesis and epilepsy and for new targets of antiepileptogenic therapies
  • creating new experimental epilepsy models in vivo
  • role of perineuronal nets in animal model of stroke.

Selected publications

Lapinlampi N, Melin E, Aronica E, Bankstahl JP, Becker A, Bernard C, Gorter JA, Gröhn O, Lipsanen A, Lukasiuk K, Löscher W, Paananen J, Ravizza T, Roncon P, Simonato M, Vezzani A, Kokaia M, Pitkänen A. Common data elements and data management: Remedy to cure underpowered preclinical studies. Epilepsy Res. 2017 Jan;129:87-90.

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Miszczuk D., Dębski K.J., Tanila H., Lukasiuk K., Pitkänen A. (2016) Traumatic Brain Injury Increases the Expression of Nos1, Aβ Clearance, and Epileptogenesis in APP/PS1 Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease. Mol Neurobiol, 53(10): 7010-7027.

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