Laboratory of Electrophysiology at Nencki Institute

Dr. Joanna Urban-Ciećko became a head of a new core-facility lab of Electrophysiology at Nencki Institute.

Dr. Joanna Urban-Ciećko is a graduate of Biology Department at Jagiellonian University. She obtained her PhD and habilitation at Nencki Institute. She underwent post-doctoral trainings at Medical University in Wrocław and Carnegie Mellon University in USA.

Dr. Urban-Ciećko is an expert in electrophysiological methods studying mechanisms of synaptic transmission and brain plasticity. In her research, she uses cutting-age electrophysiological methods and optogenetic tools. She published in top-tier scientific journals, such as Nature Reviews Neuroscience, Neuron, Current Biology, Cerebral Cortex. For her projects, she received grants from Ministry Science and Higher Education and National Science Centre.

The aim of the new core-facility lab is to provide electrophysiological service of high standard for scientist at Nencki Institute and for external users. The lab possesses set-ups for extracellular recordings and intrinsic signal imaging in vivo as well as a rig for in vitro single-cell recording.  The lab offers the complex service in designing and performing experiments, analyzing data and it provides support during the process of manuscript and grant preparation.

Date of publication
22 September 2020