Laboratory of Synaptogenesis is currently seeking a post-doc in biology

We are seeking highly motivated, ambitious and creative individuals to join our group. During your work, you will be undergoing intensive training that should help you to become successful in academia. While conducting your own research, you will be exposed to a broad range of techniques: generation of conditional knockout animals, preparation staining and analysis of tissues, cell culture, biochemistry and proteomics (complex precipitation, mass spectrometry analysis, Western-blots, co-immunoprecipitations), generation of recombinant viruses (adenoviruses, lentiviruses and retroviruses).

Qualifications (main criteria):
PhD degree in natural sciences (biology, biotechnology or medicine)
High motivation for work and strong interest in conducting research
Experience in cell biology, neuroscience, biochemistry or genetics
Fluency in English

Qualifications (additional criteria):
A successful candidate should be a creative person, capable of independent thinking and working autonomously. Excellence in interpersonal skills, communication skills and ability to work in a team are mandatory for this position.

The application should contain the following documents/information:
• A cover letter describing personal motivation to apply for this position
• Candidate’s CV with contact information for at least 2 references
• Copy of PhD certificate (or equivalent, candidates defending their Ph.D. thesis shortly after the application deadline, and before the start date of the employment contract, are eligible to apply)
• Candidate may include additional information or copies of documents/certificates in support of the application.

Applications in English (pdf format) may be uploaded online:

Application deadline: November 29, 2013; Beginning of employment: 1st quarter of 2014

The remuneration negotiations for the position will be based on knowledge and experience of the candidate – in accordance to internal regulations of the Institute. Selection of the best candidate will be solely based on merits providing equal opportunity.

Date of publication
13 November 2013