Laureate of the “BRIDGE” programme of the Foundation for Polish Science

The objective of the project “Role of Lipocalin 2 in the structural plasticity of neurons” is to investigate the effect of protein LCN2 on the structure of the dendritic tree of neurons. Our experiments with the use of DNA microarrays have identified a gene encoding lipocalin 2, as potentially involved in neuronal plasticity. LCN2 is a small protein, secreted outside the cells, induced in response to infection. In the brain, its production is stimulated in response to various stimuli, including inflammation and stress, but the impact of LCN2 on the structure or function of neurons is poorly investigated.
Dr. Kalita was among the 15 winners selected from 133 people who submitted application. Thanks to the the BRIDGE programme, that the main purpose is to enable the best researchers who are raising young children to return to advanced research work, Dr Kalita will receive a research grant funding, including fellowships for a PhD student, for a total amount of 280 000 PLN.
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Date of publication
26 August 2013