MITOCHONDRION 2016 „Frontiers in Mitochondrial Research” To Celebrate Lech Wojtczak’s 90th Birthday at the Nencki Institute

On 29th November 2016 at the Nencki Institute, PAS, the conference MITOCHONDRION 2016 „Frontiers in Mitochondrial Research” was held to Celebrate Lech Wojtczak’s 90th Birthday. During the conference the latest scientific techniques and the latest research on cell bioenergetics and mitochondria were discussed.


The conference was opened by the Director of the Nencki Institute prof. Adam Szewczyk. The director welcomed Professor Lech Wojtczak and the guests from many scientific Polish centers, who came to celebrate the 90th anniversary of prof. Lech Wojtczak's birthday.


The whole scientific career of Professor Wojtczak has been associated with the Nencki Institute. He began working as a student in 1947 and was a pioneer in the developing of mitochondrial and cellular bioenergetics in Poland.


The first part of the conference was dedicated to prof. Wojtczak. Professor Jerzy Duszyński spoke about Professor Wojtczak's role in the development of his scientific career. Prof. Andrzej Legocki, prof. Andrzej Dżugaj, prof. Maciej Nałecz, prof. Jolanta Barańska and prof. Adam Szewczyk talked about the involvement of Profesor Wojtczak and the fundamental input and running of “mitochondrial school” in Poland. Next prof. Lech Wojtczak presented the stages of their scientific careers.


In the second part of the conference eleven people from various scientific centers in Poland gave lectures.


The main organizers of the conference were Adam Szewczyk, Jerzy Duszyński and JoannaSzczepanowska. The conference was organized by the Nencki Institute, Polish Mitochondrial Network and Bioenergetics Section of Polish Biochemical Society with the support of the Committee of Molecular Cell Biology Polish Academy of Science. About 160 people participated in the meeting including scientists, friends and family of Profesor Lech Wojtczak.


Date of publication
3 February 2017