Nencki Award for prof. Asla Pitkänen

May 13th at 15:00 in the Neurobiology Centre Lecture Room the Nencki Award was presented to prof. Asla Pitkänen, A.I.Virtanen Institute, University of Eastern Finland, Kupio.

Laureate presented the lecture “Omics of epileptogenesis - How to get from chaos to mechanisms and biomarkers?”

Professor Pitkanen is well known and respected in the field of epilepsy research. She is a leading researcher in basic epilepsy research and traumatic brain injury. She is interested in molecular mechanisms of epileptobgenesis, traumatic brain injury and brain imaging in epielptogenesis. Has published over 270 peer-reviewed articles, cited over 10 000 times. Her H index is 55. Professor Pitkanen has vivid collaboration with several groups at the Nencki Institute within the frame of European grants.

The Nencki Award was established by The Scientific Council of the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology to honour distinguished scientists who were also friends of our Institute, who helped us in ours scientific efforts, with whom we shared our research passions and collaborated.

Date of publication
15 May 2015