Nencki Institute among signatories of the “Pact for Horizon 2020”

Horizon 2020 is the EU framework program for research and innovation. Its seven-year budget for 2014-2020 will amount to almost 80 billion euros. The key task of "Horizon 2020" is to create a coherent system of financing of innovation: from scientific concepts through the research stage right up till the implementation of new solutions, products and technologies.


The Minister of Education and Higher Education, prof. Lena Kolarska-Bobińska appealed to the directors of scientific institutions to undertake joint activities within the framework of the "Pact for Horizon 2020". Pact aims to mobilize Polish researchers to obtain EU funds. Joining the Pact is a commitment to supporting the research teams and mobilizing them to raise money from Brussels.


The Scientific Council of the Nencki Institute at its meeting on 27th June 2014 adopted the provisions of the "Pact for Horizon 2020" and has acceded the Institute among the signatories.

Date of publication
3 July 2014