Nencki Institute at the Mazovia Chemical Cluster

On 7th October 2015 during the Forum for Development of Mazovia Nencki Institute declared its participation in the Mazovia Chemical Cluster. Cooperating entities within the Mazovia Chemical Cluster decided to continue its activity in the legal form of the association. The founding meeting combined with a solemn inauguration of the cluster in the new formula was held during the 6th Forum for Development of Mazovia at the National Stadium in Warsaw. During the founding meeting resolutions on the establishment of the Association were adopted as well as its statutes and elected authorities.  Zbigniew Bednarski (Plock Industrial and Technological Park SA) was elected as President to the Board of Directors of the Association Mazovia Chemical Cluster. The main purpose of the Cluster was showing the improvement of competitiveness and growth of innovative potential of chemical companies through cooperation, sharing knowledge and experience with R & D sphere.

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14 October 2015