Nencki Institute on PSBI EXPO 2022

Nencki Institute, as a member of Polish Association of Centers for Technology Transfer (PACTT), invites to the "PACTT Science Business Innovation EXPO 2022" on May 18-19, 2022 (PSBI EXPO 2022). The event is organized by Lodz University of Technology, PACTT, and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

PSBI EXPO 2022 is an event addressed to entrepreneurs, where scientific and research facilities will present the offer of their technologies and high-tech services. Thanks to the participation of investment funds, you will be able to explore offers of financial support for technology transfer to industry.

Our guests will also include business partners who already have lasting cooperation with universities, and during panel discussions, they will share their experience in the field of R&D activity in Poland and the development of products and brands in close cooperation with the academia.

Nencki Institute, as one of the exhibitors, cordially invites our Partners and all the interested parties to review our offer of innovative solutions:

- PreT2DSensor - early detection of insulin resistance and pre-diabetic state in type 2 diabetes

- Peptide-carrier conjugates as a potential drug for Alzheimer's disease

- A panel of miRNA biomarkers in blood for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

- Ifenprodil for the treatment of chronic seizures

- Innovative therapy for brain tumors


and a broad panel of services in the field of:

- bioinformatics

- cytometry

- behavioural methods

- electrophysiology

- electron microscopy

- optical microscopy

- next generation sequencing (NGS)

- pre-clinical studies

- brain imaging


We may discuss our offer in greater detail at the event. See you in Lodz!

25 April 2022