Nencki Institute Seminar

Dear All

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the Nencki Institute Seminar which will take place next Thursday, 8th of December at 3pm in the CN lecture Hall.

We will host prof. Jolanta Rędowicz, head of the Laboratory of Molecular Basis of Cell Motility at the Nencki Institute. Prof Rędowicz will give a talk entitled: Unconventional myosin VI: An important player in striated muscle growth and development


Myosin VI (MVI) is a unique unconventional myosin ubiquitously expressed in metazoans where it is involved in numerous cellular processes associated with the actin cytoskeleton dynamics and intracellular trafficking, and in gene expression. We demonstrated that MVI is present in striated muscles and myogenic cells where it seems to play important role(s) in muscle function and myogenesis. During my presentation I will describe the ongoing research with the use of mice lacking MVI (Snell’s waltzer, SV), considered as natural MVI knockouts (MVI-KO); the controls were heterozygous animals from the same litter (WT). The studies performed on the hearts and hindlimb muscles isolated from newborn (P0) as well as 3- and 12-month-old animals as well as primary culture of myoblasts derived from the skeletal muscles of 3-month old mice indicate that MVI is an important player in striated muscle growth and development, and possibly in skeletal muscle regeneration and repair.

The seminar will be followed by a get together.

Best regards,
Aleksandra Pękowska

Date of publication
7 December 2022
Date of event
Nencki Institute