Next products with Dr Irena Eris

In autumn 2015 the project of the National Center for Research and Development (PBS1/B8/1/2012) was completed, with the beneficiaries of the Nencki Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences (Laboratories by prof. Jerzy Duszyński and prof. Adam Szewczyk) and Dr Irena Eris Research and Development Center. The results of the project were published among others in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology and in the Biochemical Journal. A joint patent application has also been made, which was the basis for the launch of the new Pharmaceris V dermocosmetics in the spring of 2016. The products are recommended for adults and children to protect and care for the day, to compensate for skin coloration in patients with vitiligo and de-pigmentation. Then, in the spring of 2017, new dermocosmetics, Pharmaceris H, came to pharmacies, beeing a result of  cooperation. This is a special H-STIMUTONE shampoo slow down the process of graying and stimulating hair growth ( Recently a series of four LIRENE DERMOPROGRAM products based on the results of the project, come to the store.

03 October 2017