Of mice and men – from small protein to big motivation

Can we decrease craving in alcohol addicts? Studies conducted in the Laboratory of Neurobiology lead by professor Leszek Kaczmarek are aiming at better understanding of molecular and neurobiological events behind addiction. It was shown that motivation to alcohol is connected with the level of one particular enzyme – matrix metalloproteinase nine (MMP-9). Observations were extrapolated to human subjects where similar observation was made. Research results were published in a scientific journal Biological Psychiatry.

Stefaniuk M., Beroun A., Lebitko T., Markina O., Leski S., Meyza K., Grzywacz A., Samochowiec J., Samochowiec A., Radwanska K., Kaczmarek L., 2017. Matrix metalloproteinase-9 and synaptic plasticity in the central amygdala in control of alcohol seeking behavior. Biological Psychiatry 81, 905-906.


09 August 2017