Scientific Equipment
Device and assembly for immobilizing an animal, application of this device and method for immobilizing an animal
Patent inventors: Kacper Łukasiewicz, Magdalena Robacha, Marzena Stefaniuk, Artur Wolny, Katarzyna Radwańska

The invention relates to a device and assembly for immobilizing an animal, in particular for fixing and immobilizing the animal for scientific and surgical procedures, in particular performed under a microscope, especially when imaging with an in vivo two-photon microscope.

Patent was granted in Poland and Nencki Institute is the sole applicant.

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Application number:
P.410001 (14 Nov 2014), PCT/PL2015/050058 (04 Nov 2015)
Patent number:
PL 224680 (31 Jan 2017)
Patent status: