Panel of microRNA biomarkers in blood for diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease
Patent inventors: Urszula Wojda, Katarzyna Laskowska-Kaszub, Tomasz Gabryelewicz, Jacek Kuźnicki

The present invention relates to panels of biomarker microRNAs for use in methods of diagnosing Alzheimer's disease and related diseases and conditions in a subject. The methods involve assessing the level of said biomarker microRNA(s) in subject blood sample. The invention also relates to kits comprising said panels of biomarker microRNAs, methods of diagnosing Alzheimer's disease and to the use of said panels of biomarker microRNAs in diagnosis.

The Nencki Institute is a co-applicant of the patent with Biotech Innovations (purpose vehicle of International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Warsaw).

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Application number:
P.416956 (25 Apr 2016), PCT/EP2017/059800 (25 Apr 2017), US 16096219 (24 Oct 2018)
Patent number:
EP 3449009 (18 Aug 2021)
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