Chemical compounds with anti-damage and/or neuroprotective effects
Patent inventors: Artur Czupryn, Piotr Mucha, Piotr Skowron, Jarosław Mazuryk, Marta Wiśniewska, Kamil Koziński, Małgorzata Beresewicz, Olga Krupska, Izabela Załuska, Małgorzata Palczewska-Groves, Agnieszka Żylicz-Stachula, Joanna Żebrowska, Arkadiusz Piotrowski, Michał Pikuła, Paweł Sachadyn, Łukasz Janus, Sylwia Rodziewicz-Motowidło

The present invention relates to chemical compounds with injury-reducing and/or neuroprotective properties. The compounds are preferably selected from the group: RGD1; RGD2; RGD3; RGD4; AcRGDl; AcRGD3, RGD10-PM; RGD10-PS. A subject of the invention is a method for the preparation of the compound RGD10-PS, and its derivatives, by biological means. Moreover, a subject of the invention involves methodology for the evaluation of the injury-reducing and/or neuroprotective activity of chemical compounds on a cellular level, by in vitro analysis of six injury factors, namely glucose deprivation, sodium azide-induced inhibition of cellular respiration, acidosis induced by sodium lactate acidification at pH 6.35, excitotoxicity induced by NMDA, excitotoxicity induced by glutamic acid and excitotoxicity induced by kainic acid, in neural cells. The present invention also includes also a setup for the evaluation of the neuroprotective activity of the aforementioned chemical compounds.

Nencki Institute is the co-applicant with University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk University of Technology, Medical University of Gdańsk, MedVentures Sp. z o. o. and ProScience Sp. z o. o. University of Gdańsk is the leader of patent protection and commercialization related activities.

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Application number:
P.425131 (04 Apr 2018) EP 18000319.6 (04 Apr 2018)
Patent number:
PL237242 (02 Oct 2020)
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