Transatlantic Behavioural Neuroscience Summer School

We are super happy to announce our flagship event for 2022 - Transatlantic Behavioural Neuroscience Summer School (Sept 1-10 2022) that we are organizing in cooperation with our friends from the University of Buenos Aires and NeuroElectronics Research Flanders.

The field of behavioural neuroscience is changing. It’s changing on the conceptual level – “neuroscience needs behaviour”, a bold claim in 2017, has become a truism. Behavioural paradigms became much more complex. This change is driven by the recent explosion of new tools. With stunning precision, we can record both the behaviour and neural activity of an animal performing various complex tasks. And the most important aspect of the tool revolution is its open and worldwide character – the field of behavioural neuroscience is being democratised on an unprecedented scale. Since money is becoming less of a constraint, the exploration of new theories and ideas is not limited anymore to privileged institutions.

Our Transatlantic Behavioural Neuroscience Summer School is designed to embrace and foster these changes. Our school will be composed of intense, hands-on tutorials on behavioural experiment design and data analysis. The main project of the school will be the assembly and configuration of a setup for fruit flies. This project will show how to design a setup to be versatile, and how to build it from scratch. These experiments will also provide data for more complex offline analysis using machine learning tools like DeepLabCut. We want to give the students the knowledge and tools to modify and improve their own setups and remove obstacles when designing future experiments.

We will also host fantastic lecturers specializing in different aspects of behavioural studies:

- Anne von Philipsborn (Aarhus University)
- Ahmed el Hady (University of Konstanz)
- Daniel Tomsic (University of Buenos Aires)
- Karolina Socha (Uiversity College London)
- Basil el Jundi (University of Wuerzburg)
- Irene Jacobsen (Kavli Institute)
- Alicja Puścian (Nencki Institute)
- Ofer Yizhar (Weizmann Instiute)

The school will be organized on Sept 1-10th 2022 in Wojciechy, in a beautiful lake region of Masuria. The fee is EUR 750 (we are now also securing funds for fee waivers). The deadline for applications will be March 29th 2022.

If you have any questions, contact us at openlab@nencki.edu.pl. Please find the application form and more info here - https://nenckiopenlab.org/tbnss/. Please help us to spread the news!


Data publikacji
15 lutego 2022
Data wydarzenia
2022-09-01 — 2022-09-10
Wojciechy, region of Masuria