Postdoctoral Associate Position is available in the Laboratory of Molecular Medical Biochemistry

Postdoctoral Associate Position  is available in the Laboratory of Molecular Medical Biochemistry

Laboratory of Molecular Medical Biochemistry is currently recruiting Postdoctoral Associate to undertake a project: “Stearoyl-CoA desaturase and intracellular lipid signaling as novel players in regulation of thyroid hormone action in the heart”. The research is funded by National Science Centre within the OPUS programme. Applicants should hold a PhD degree in the field of life sciences and have extensive experience in molecular biology, cell biology and/or biochemistry.


Number of positions: 1

Application deadline: February 15, 2015

Start date: March 1, 2015

Type of contract: full time



Key responsibilities include:

The main objective of the proposed project is to define cellular cross-talk between  thyroid hormone signaling and lipid mediators in the heart by functional analysis of stearoyl-CoA desaturase (SCD) and associated networking, with special emphasis on peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors signaling and autophagy regulation. Our second priority is to examine to what extent SCD is involved in interface between genomic and non-genomic actions of thyroid hormone in healthy and heart failure states.



Profile of candidates:

  1. PhD degree (or equivalent) in molecular biology, biochemistry, biology or medical sciences,
  2. outstanding publication record,
  3. be highly motivated (demonstrated via joint publications, references of the candidate's thesis tutor, previous post-doctoral positions different from the PhD awarding institutions),
  4. be proficient in English,
  5. experience in molecular endocrinology will be an advantage.

Required documents:

  1. CV
  2. Letter-of-intent
  3. 2 letters of reference
  4. Copy of PhD diploma (or equivalent)
  5. Contact information, including e-mail address and phone number
  6. The candidates may include additional information or copies of documents/certificates in support of the application.


Please sent the application to:

Elwira Kocyła (

Dział Spraw Pracowniczych i Rekrutacji

Instytut Biologii Doświadczalnej im. M. Nenckiego PAN

ul. Pasteura 3,

02-093 Warszawa

09 January 2015