Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland Prize in 2011 for Outstanding Scientific Achievements

The justification statement stresses that he is a distinguished molecular biologist and neuroscientist, an expert in the field of the regulation of gene expression in the cell cycle and cancer and the molecular mechanisms of neuronal plasticity and neurodegeneration. His major contributions to science include participation in the discovery of novel cell cycle and tumor-related genes and explanation of the role played by c-Myc in the control of the cell proliferation. Furthermore, he and his laboratory discovered role of cyclin D2 in the adult brain neurogenesis. He has also discovered induction of the gene expression in the brain in learning and memory formation, as well as the physiological role of matrix metalloproteinases in the synaptic plasticity.

He has created a scientific school devoted to the research on cellular and molecular underpinnings of learning and memory, neuronal plasticity and neurodegeneration.

Prof. Kaczmarek supervised 28 PhD and is author/coauthor of over 170 publications in the leading scientific journals. Those papers have been cited over 5 900 times. His H-index is 43

Date of publication
16 August 2011