Prof. Leszek Kaczmarek nominated in the plebiscite “Science is Freedom”

On the 25th anniversary of Poland regaining its full sovereignty, The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has announced a plebiscite "Science is Freedom" to select the most significant achievement in the last 25 years. Among the twenty-five nominees is Professor Leszek Kaczmarek from the Nencki Institute for his achievements in neurobiology.

Professor Leszek Kaczmarek for his works in the field of neurobiology (underpinnings of learning and memory). His most  important research achievements are: the discovery of c-Myc role in regulation of the cell cycle,the discovery of the gene expression in learning, revealing apoptotic component of excitotoxicity in the adult brain, the discovery of the specific role of cyclin D2 in the adult brain neurogenesis, the discovery of the involvement of matrix metalloproteinases in the synaptic plasticity, learning and memory as well as neuropsychiatric disorders. Recently, Prof. Kaczmarek is also working on a theory concerning a link of peripheral blood MMP-9 in humans to epileptogenesis.

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Date of publication
14 May 2014