Prof. Mariusz Wieckowski is elected the Councilor of European Society for Clinical Investigation (ESCI)

Prof. Mariusz Wieckowski, the head of the Laboratory of Mitochondrial Biology and Metabolism at Nencki Institute, has been elected the councilor of the European Society for Clinical Investigation (ESCI) for the time frame of 2022-2024 starting officially in May 2022. The ESCI Council consists of 9-10 European councilors, chosen during and by the Annual Business Meeting of the Society.

The European Society for Clinical Investigation was established in 1967 as a pan-European Society to integrate clinicians and fundamental scientists with a genuine interest in uncovering the mechanisms involved in the pathophysiology of human disease. The objectives of the Society are the advancement of medical practice through science; the cultivation of clinical research by the methods of the natural sciences; the correlation of science with the art of medical practice; the fostering of high standards of ethical practice and investigation and the diffusion of a spirit of fraternity and international cooperation among and through its members. Society provides also a forum for discussion, debate and meeting colleagues in order to advance the science of clinical investigation. The term ‘clinical investigation’ is interpreted widely from bench to bedside including animal studies relevant to humans in health or disease.

Date of publication
25 March 2022