Reports session of PhD students of the Biochemistry Department of the Nencki Institute

On the 27th-28th of June the Annual Reports of PhD students from the Biochemistry Department took place, at the „Rancho pod Bocianem” recreation centre near Tarczyn. The scientific sessions were organized and chaired by last year PhD students as well as recently awarded doctors. All 34 presentations were well prepared and all the students deserve praise. The afternoon and evening on the first day, before the second day of reports, we had time to enjoy the adventure park, team sports, conversations and the party. Our trip was very successful and allowed us to spend a great time together.


The awards went to:


1st year:

Agnieszka Kiełbasa from the Laboratory of Intracellular Ion Channels (head prof. A. Szewczyk)  Solomiia Boyko from the Laboratory of Molecular Bases of Cell Motility  (head prof. J Redowicz / scientific tutor dr. hab. K. Nieznanski)


2nd year:

Aneta Dobosz from the Laboratory of Cell Signaling and Metabolic Disorders (head prof. A. Dobrzyn)  Marta Walczak from the Laboratory of Cytometry (head dr. hab. K. Piwocka)


3th year:

Magdalena Wołczyk from the Laboratory of Cytometry (head dr. hab. K. Piwocka)

Monika Oparka from the Laboratory of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes (head prof. J. Duszynski / scientific tutor prof. M. Wieckowski)


4th year:

Wioleta Dudka-Ruszkowska from the Laboratory of Cytometry (head. dr hab. K. Piwocka) 

Anna Strzeszewska from the Laboratory of Molecular Bases of Aging (head prof. E. Sikora / scientific tutor dr G. Mosieniak)


01 July 2016