Scholarship holders from the National Children’s Fund at the Nencki Institute

Every year scholarship holders from the National Children’s Fund visit the Nencki Institute. On March 6th, 2017 a presentation of the Institute took place. The guests listened to two lectures by


dr W. Konopka - The history and achievements of the Nencki Institute

dr Paweł Boguszewski - The evolution of the nervous system


Next, the young visitors familiarized themselves with the research carried out at 3 selected Nencki Institute labs (Lab. of Brain Imaging, Lab. of Biochemistry of Lipids, Lab. of Cell Signaling and Metabolic Disorders) and had the possibility to talk to the people who manage the labs.


Between March 7th-10th the scholarship holders (8 person) participated in activities organized by 7 labs (Lab. of Neuropsychology, Lab. of Molecular and Systemic Neuromorphology, Lab. of Emotions Neurobiology, Lab. of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes, Lab. of Cellular Metabolism, Lab. of Intracellular Ion Channels, Lab. of Imaging Tissue Structure and Function).


For the workshop participants all the activities proved to be very interesting and inspiring. They claimed to have broadened their knowledge and become familiar with modern equipment by being able to conduct the experiments on their own and use their practical skills.

Date of publication
10 March 2017