Scholarship Holders from the National Fund for Children at the Nencki Institute

On 5th-9th March 2018, thirty scholarship holders from the National Children's Fund visited the Nencki Institute. On the opening day, guests listened to lectures given by

dr hab. Monika Liguz-Lęcznar - The history and achievements of the Nencki Institute

dr hab. Dorota Włoga - Cytoskeleton, structure and function

Next, they visited three selected Nencki Institute labs (Lab. of Brain Imaging, Lab. of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes, Lab. of Emotions Neurobiology), having the opportunity to learn more about ongoing research projects, whilst being able to engage in discussions with lab leaders.

Between 6th-9th March, the eight scholarship holders participated in workshops organized by six labs (Lab. of Neuropsychology, Lab. of Biochemistry of Lipids, Lab. Animal Models, Lab. of Cellular Metabolism, Lab. of Intracellular Ion Channels, Lab. of Imaging Tissue Structure and Function). During the workshops, participants had the opportunity to become familiar with modern equipment, putting to use their practical skills, by conducting experiments on their own.

12 March 2018