Starting multiparameter flow cytometry at the Nencki Institute

It was organised by the Laboratory of Cytometry and devoted to multiparameter analysis. Prof. Andrea Cossarizza from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy, an expert in this field, was invited to speak at the session. Prof. Cossarizza talked about Polychromatic cell analysis in the era of Cytomics and shared many insightful comments and tips. In the second part of the meeting Dr Marta Olchowik and Dr Katarzyna Piwocka gave their presentations. The meeting attracted over 40 participants from the Nencki Institute, the Faculty of Biology, Warsaw University, scientists from the Medical University of Warsaw and the National Medicines Institute as well as representatives of Becton Dickinson company. We hope that this successful and interesting session contributes to the development of multiparameter cytometry at the Nencki Institute and results in many joint projects.

18 November 2011