Students from the Polish Children’s Fund at the Nencki Institute

Every year students from the Polish Children’s Fund participate in a neurobiology workshop at the Nencki Institute. Starting from June 5, the students spent 5 days attending lectures lectures given by Dr. Marzena Stefaniuk, Dr. Rafał Czajkowski, Dr. Ksenia Meyza, Prof. Ewa Godzińska and Dr. Ewelina Knapska from the Nencki Institute, and participating in activities organized by 8 laboratories (Laboratory of Emotions Neurobiology, Laboratory of Neuroinformatics, Laboratory of Neurobiology of Vision, Laboratory of Neurobiology, Laboratory of Molecular Basis of Behavior, Laboratory of Spatial Memory, Laboratory of Animal Models, Laboratory of Brain Imaging). The students also visited the Laboratory of Ethology.


The participants found the workshop activities interesting and inspiring. They reported to have broadened their knowledge and become familiar with modern equipment, conducting their own experiments and developing practical skills.


Date of publication
19 June 2017