The 17th Warsaw Science Festival at the Nencki Institute

55. Mitochondria on the good and the bad – J. Szczepanowska; 23.09.; 16.00
56. Regulatory genomics – interdisciplinary research area in the biology of the XXI century – M. Dąbrowski; 24.09.; 16.00
57. Structure and function of the plasma membrane – K. Kwiatkowska; 25.09.; 16.00
58. Structure and function of proteins – S. Pikuła; 26.09. ; 16.00

The THEMATIC CLUBS series offered lecturers under the common title “THE WORLD AROUND US”:

173. Six-legged Earthmen: visiting ants – E. Godzińska; 23.09. ; 18.00
174. The process of cell differentiation: is the backward approach possible? – L. Burzańska; 24.09.; 18.00
175. Neurobiology of dyslexia – K. Jednoróg; 25.09. ;18.00
176. How not to fear? – E. Knapska; 26.09. ; 18.00

All lectures aroused great interest. They were hold in the new conference hall at the Neurobiology Center of the Nencki Institute.

Nencki participated also in the LITTLE FOLKS FESTIVAL organised in cooperation with the Faculty of Physics at the Warsaw University of Technology. Nencki PhD candidates set up a Biology Preschool which was popular among children and acclaimed by their parents. Preschool workshops combined the elements of experimental biology and great fun. Kids concocted “magic elixirs” and by themselves handled a microscope connected to a computer.

The events during Science Festival at the Nencki were partially founded by EU FP7 BIO-IMAGINE: BIO-IMAGing in research INnovation and Education, GA no. 264173.

Nencki’s contribution to the 17th Science Festival has been coordinated and supervised by Anna Wasik.

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Date of publication
23 September 2013