The 18th Warsaw Science Festival at the Nencki Institute

The 18th edition of the Science Festival took place in Warsaw between 19th-28th September, 2014. As usual the Nencki researchers had prepared an interesting and rich program. Under the YOUTH CLUB series high school students could attend lectures on biology, which have broadened the knowledge of those students who are taking advanced biology for their high school exam:

52. How do the neurons communicate: the synapse – where the magic happens M. Skup 22.09.; 16.00

53. Neurotransmitters and neuroreceptors  P. Boguszewski 23.09.; 16.00

54. Life in motion: from molecules to marathon runner P. Pomorski 24.09.; 16.00

55. Nobel Prize 2013: vesicular transport or cellular logistics M. Miączyńska (MIBMK- guest) 25.09.; 16.00  


The THEMATIC CLUBS series offered lecturers under the common title “SCIENCE AND HEALTH””:

166. Alzheimer’s disease: diagnostics and perspectives for new therapies U. Wojda 22.09.; 18.00 

167. How to look inside the human brain? A. Marchewka  23.09.; 18.00

168. The role of cellular senescence in aging A. Bielak-Żmijewska 24.09.; 18.00

169. Cellular senescence - friend or foe in anticancer therapy G. Mosieniak 25.09.; 18.00


Nencki’s PhD students welcomed all to the BIOLOGICAL EVENING (26.09.; 18.00-22.00) during which the optical illusions would be presented, with an explanation of why they arise. Participants learned the facts, myths and curiosity concerning the functioning of the brain. During the presentation "Secrets of the microworld" a variety of microscopic preparations were presented. One of the highlights of the events would be the sweat glands on the hand skin detection. During a series of workshops "Biology in the kitchen", participants learned how to isolate the genetic material of onion and use cabbage juice as a pH indicator. For children, as usual, magic mixtures.

Nencki participated also in the LITTLE MAN FESTIVAL, organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Biology, Warsaw University (Miecznikowa 1; 27.09.2014; 10.00-16-00). Nencki PhD candidates organized a Biological kindergarten. This workshop for children combines elements of experimental biology and fun. Children had the opportunity to prepare a "magic potion", examined pH using cabbage juice and created a simple model of the brain.

Lectures and presentations were very popular. All events were hosted by about 1,000 people. Nencki’s contribution to the 17th Science Festival was coordinated and supervised by Anna Wasik.

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Date of publication
16 September 2014