The 19th Warsaw Science Festival at the Nencki Institute

The 19th edition of the Science Festival took place in Warsaw between 19-27th September, 2013. For this year’s edition Nencki researchers  and PhD students prepared an interesting and rich program.


For the first time we participated in FESTIVAL DEBATES

1. Physics, evolution, life - Debate on the occasion of the 100th birthday anniversary of prof. David Shugar - P. Durka, M. Kossut, P. Stępień, B. Lesyng, 18 IX godz.17; Faculty of Physics WU

6. Is the memory in the minds or between people?– K. Kaniowska, M. Kula, K. Radwańska, J. Vetulani, D. Stola, 24 IX godz. 18; POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews


Under the YOUTH CLUB series high school students could attend lectures on biology, which greatly helped those students who are taking advanced biology for their high school exam:


523. Mitochondria and mitochondrial diseases dr hab. Mariusz Więckowski 21.09.; 16.00

524. Structure and function of the plasma membrane prof Katarzyna Kwiatkowska 22.09.; godz. 16.00

525. Cytoskeleton, structure and function dr hab. Dorota Włoga 23.09.; 16.00

526. Secrets of cell structure Prof. dr hab. Elżbieta Wyroba 24.09.; 16.00


The THEMATIC CLUBS offered a series of lecturers under the common title:

17. Personalized medicine – choosing an appropriate drug for a particular patient dr Tomasz Wilanowski 21.09.; godz. 18.00 

49. Brain fitness („Dr Neuronowski”) part I Prof. dr hab. Elżbieta Szeląg 22.09. godz 18.00

78. Brain fitness („Dr Neuronowski”) part I”) cz. II Dr Aneta Szymaszek, Anna Dacewicz, Kamila Nowak, Anna Bombińska, Przedstawiciele HARPO Sp zoo 23.09. godz. 17.30

104. Regeneration in the nervous system-neuroplasticity Dr Monika Liguz-Lęcznar 24.09. godz. 18.00


The Nencki PhD students invited people who were interested for the NIGHT OF THE BIOLOGIST (154) (25.09. 18.00-22.00), during which the optical illusions are presented with an explanation of why they arise. The participants learned the facts, myths and interesting facts about the functioning of the brain. During the show "Secrets of the microworld" they were presented a variety of microscopic preparations. One of the highlights was a detection screenings of sweat glands in the skin hand. During a series of workshops "Biology in the kitchen", participants learned how to isolate the genetic material of bananas and cabbage juice used as a pH indicator. For the little ones, as usual, magic potions. There was also the "Biology lesson with the popcorn" during which a series of films was presented. There was also the "Biology lesson with the popcorn" during which a series of films was presented.


During the 19th Science Festival Nencki Institute also took part in THE SCIENTIFIC WEEKEND WITH OCHOTA CAMPUS, organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw and the Department of Biology, University of Warsaw (Pasteur 7; h. 9.30-15.30). On The Scientific vertigo (176) invited graduate students of the Institute. The workshops were combining elements of biology, experimental and fun. Children prepared "magic potions", examined the pH with cabbage juice, personally created models of the brain and detected the sweat glands found in the skin of the palm.

Nencki’s PhD students prepared also for SCIENTIFIC WEEKEND WITH OCHOTA CAMPUS workshops for children Fri. Scientific dizziness. Participants enjoyed colorful potions, detected the sweat glands, a home-examined pH and got acquainted with the functioning of different brain structures. Everyone found something interesting, which allowed him to enrich their knowledge and have a good time.


Lectures and presentations were very popular. All the events were hosted by about 1200 people. The debates also gathered huge crowds of interested participants.


Nencki’s contribution to the 17th Science Festival was coordinated and supervised by Anna Wasik.

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Date of publication
14 September 2015