The National Science Centre Weave-UNISONO Grant for the Nencki Institute

Professor Daniel Wójcik from the Nenecki Institute has received funding under the Weave-UNISONO call from the National Science Center and the Czech Science Foundation for the project “EEG/ECoG based functional connectivity neuroimaging in the rat - optimisation, standardisation and translational leap in neuropsychopharmacology”.

The project will be performed by the research teams from Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany. The principal investigators of the foreign partners include Tomáš Páleníček from the National Institute of Mental Health (Czech Republic) and Theodor Doll from the Research Institute of AuditNeuroTechnology of the Medical University in Hannover (Germany).

The purpose of the project is to use a novel high density 3D printed flexible silicone implant to identify and characterize EEG-based functional connectivity in freely moving rats and study its resilience and responses to different conditions, stimuli and drugs. Combining expertise of the teams, the researchers will establish a standard for high-throughput systematic EEG-based functional connectivity biomarkers for rats with high translational potential and broad applicability in pharmaco-EEG research.

16 June 2023