The National Science Centre’s grants for the Nencki Institute

The National Science Centre has published ranking lists of projects which have qualified for financial backing within the limits of the competitions announced by the NSC on 15th September, 2014. Scientists from the Nencki Institute received financial backing for the 15 research projects they worked on in OPUS 8, PRELUDIUM 8 i SONATA 8 competitions.

OPUS - Competition for research projects, which included financing the purchase or production of research equipment necessary for the implementation of these projects

dr hab. Mariusz Roman Więckowski - The role of the mitochondrial dysfunction-related intracellular oxidative stress in pathogenesis of mitochondrial disorders.

dr Grażyna Krystyna Mosieniak - The role of the factors secreted by senescent vascular smooth muscle cells in the modulation in the functioning of the immune cells.

dr Aleksandra Ellert-Miklaszewska - The role of NFAT (nuclear factor of activated T cells) and GM-CSF (granulocyte/macrophage colony stimulating factor) signaling in glioma pathogenesis.

prof. dr hab. Urszula Wojda - New anti-leukemia drugs - advanced preclinical studies.

dr hab. Iwona Szatkowska - Mechanisms of associative learning: the functional organisation of the amygdala in humans.

dr hab. Grażyna Niewiadomska - Assessment of the state and function of the brain cholinergic system in animal models of Alzheimer-type and frontotemporal dementia-type tauopathy.


PRELUDIUM - Competition for research projects carried out by people starting a career in science who do not hold a doctor’s degree.

mgr Paweł Maciej Trzaskoma - Three dimensional (3D) visualization of immediate-early genes (IEGs) structure upon activation, using a novel technique: electron microscopic 3D in situ hybridization

mgr inż. Tomasz Krzysztof Bednarski - Role of stearoyl-CoA desaturase 1 (SCD1) in regulation of adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL) and lipolysis in cardiomiocytes

mgr Andrzej Antoni Szczepankiewicz - The role of nuclear speckles in activity-dependet genes expression in neurons.

mgr Aleksandra Barbara Wojtala - The role of p66Shc in the oxidative stress associated with defects in complex I of the mitochondrial respiratory chain.

mgr Agnieszka Bożena Góral - The CacyBP/SIP protein as a novel regulator of heat shock protein Hsp90.

mgr Anna Katarzyna Skupień - Unraveling the molecular mechanisms responsible for stabilization of dendritic spines.

mgr inż. Anna Maria Bot - Alterations in expression level of selected microRNAs in various brain areas in epileptic rats.


SONATA – Competition for research projects carried out by people starting a career in science who hold a doctor’s degree.

dr Paulina Podszywałow-Bartnicka - The influence of bone marrow microenvironment on the regulation of BRCA1 mRNA translation in leukemia cells; role in the cells invasiveness and therapy resistance.

dr Anna Mietelska-Porowska - Search for early molecular mechanisms and markers of preclinical stage of sporadic form of Alzheimer's disease (SAD) in comparative studies in APPswDI/NOS2-/- mice with induced insulin resistance and in patients with diagnosed sporadic Alzheimer's disease (SAD).


Date of publication
12 May 2015