The Nencki Institute and Institute of Physiology 1st Conference in Prague

The Nencki Institute PAS and the Institute of Physiology CAS 1st conference was held in Prague on October 23rd. It was organized within the confines of scientific collaboration between both Institutes. The meeting aim was to establish new contacts between group leaders and create a platform for further collaboration. The conference also attended by the President of Polish Academy of Sciences Prof. Jerzy Duszyński.


The Polish side was represented by the Director of the Nencki Institute Prof. Adam Szewczyk, and fife group leaders: Prof. Agnieszka Dobrzyń, Prof. Mariusz Więckowski, Prof. Paweł Dobrzyń, Prof. Ewelina Knapska and Dr. Rafał Czajkowski. Institute of Physiology in Prague was represented by the Director of Institute of Physiology Dr. Jan Kopecky and Dr. Zdenek Drahota, and six group leaders: Prof. Aleš Stuchlík, Dr. Hana Zemková, Dr. Katarína Smolková, Dr. Martin Rossmeisl, Dr. Petr Pecina and Dr. Ondrej Kuda. The history of Nencki Institute PAS and Institute of Physiology CAS collaboration was presented by Dr. Zdenek Drahota and Prof. Jerzy Duszynski.


During opening ceremony of the Conference, Director of the Institute, Prof. Adam Szewczyk, awarded the Medal for the 100th anniversary of the Nencki Institute to Prof. Zdenek Drahota. The scientific part consisted of fifteen lectures given by Polish and Czech participants from both Institutions and a poster session presented various projects undertaken in Prague. Polish scientists also visited laboratories of Institute of Physiology CAS. Director of the Nencki Institute PAS Prof. Adam Szewczyk and Director of Institute of Physiology CAS Dr. Jan Kopecky signed the agreement of bilateral scientific collaboration between both Institutions. The 2nd Bilateral Conference is planned to be held in 2018 in Warsaw. 


Date of publication
27 October 2017