The Nencki Institute at the 19. Scientific Picnic of the Polish Radio and the Copernicuse Science Centre

The 19. Scientific Picnic of the Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre was held on the National Stadium on May 9th, 2015. This year’s motto was: LIGHT. More than 200 scientific institutions from Poland and abroad held various science demonstrations.

The Nencki’ PhD students presented a series of demonstrations highly rated by tent no C10 guests.   The first entitled Fluorescence has many names involving the observation of different colours of fluorescence in bacteria and cognition non-Newtonian fluid properties, which is also characterized by fluorescence.

The presentation Throw light on the brain attracted alot of interest. Guests had the opportunity to make a three-dimensional model of the brain and the eye and find out what are the functions of the various structures. They got the Cerebral Caps with the outline of the individual structures, and their task was to suplement the colours and the correct names of the structures and their functions, according to set standards.The participants had the possibility to take caps, which will help them to remember information on the functional anatomy of the brain. As usual the show Coloured potions enjoyed a huge success among the younger guests , during which they by themselves prepared the coloured solutions, and after the addition of dry ice, formed steaming concoction. 

The tent was visited by more than 4000 guests.

This year, as before, online participants ( could watch the Picnic in real time.

All participants who visited the 19. Picnic – organisers, hosts and guests promised to return next year.


Date of publication
11 May 2015