The Nencki Institute Neurobiology Centre – film

In June 2014 at the Nencki Institute the investment phase of the project of the Neurobiology Centre (CN) was completed as part of the Centre for Preclinical Research and Technology (CePT), coordinated by the Medical University of Warsaw. CePT is a key project of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


Neurobiology Centre scientists  and the work carried out by them is presented in the movie "Nencki Institute PAS Neurobiology Center”, which was filmed and scripted by Michael Bielawski. The film also illustrates the themes pursued by the research teams of the Nencki Institute. The premiere took place during the reporting session of the Scientific Council of the Nencki Institute in February.


Please feel free to watch the film


Michael Bielawski is a director who has received many awards at national and international festivals of documentary films "Mundial. Game of all "and" 1989 ".


Date of publication
3 July 2014