The Nencki Institute’s Mission

On the 11th April 2014 The Scientific Council of the Nencki Institute had a meeting and at the request of the Division of Biological and Agricultural Sciences PAS, passed a resolution concerning the Institute's strategy and ways of realization the strategy.

“The mission of the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS is to strive for excellence in basic research in the broad sense of biological sciences, with maintaining the highest quality of research in the creation and dissemination of knowledge that can be applied in the context of the society needs to improve the quality of life.

The Institute carries out a mission by investing in human capital, modern research technology as well as  national and international scientific cooperation. Strategic directions pursued by the Nencki Institute include the testing of the nervous system and the biological and molecular basis of diseases of civilization.

Investing in human capital is achieved by hiring the best researchers and by assuring the optimum environment for the development of the research staff, from the PhD student to the professor, as well as administrative support in realization of research projects and providing a wide range of scientific cooperation for the research staff.


Using the leading research technologies is implemented through purchase or construction of modern research equipment, providing access to a variety of research models, including transgenic animals, investing in the development of computer technologies, inventiveness stimulation and environmental laboratory formation which leads to the access to unique research equipment for the scientific community.

Conducting scientific cooperation is realized by stimulating and supporting the soliciting of international research projects within the limits of bilateral agreements and programs of the European Union and the organization of the international workshops and conferences"



Date of publication
9 May 2014