The recruitment for PhD Studies 2013/2014 is opened

Getting your PhD is not only about self-fulfilment and achieving your aspirations.
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You will meet well known researchers experienced in supervising PhD theses
Their scientific results are published in world-class magazines, such as Science or Nature.
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You will use up-to-date equipment and modern labs. See the list of available projects and submit your documents on-line

You will get to know prestigious research projects
In 2011 Nencki has launched the Bio-Imagine project, financed under the EU 7th Framework Programme. Its goal is to enhance the research potential of the Institute as a national competence centre in bio-imagining.
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You will get a chance to work in an international scientific environment
At the Institute you can meet PhD candidates from Hungary, UK, Portugal, India, China, Armenia, and the Ukraine. Participation at international conferences and workshops will be a valuable experience for you.
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You will meet science enthusiasts
Our PhD candidates have put together an e-book with detailed information about their work.
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11 April 2013