The Scientific Picnic of the Nencki Institute

The annual Nencki Institute Science Picnic was held on May 26, 2023.

This year's guest of honor at the Picnic was Professor Jim A. Huntington of Cambridge University, who presented a lecture on his own experience in commercializing scientific research, entitled "Lost in Translation."

The lecture was followed by the presentation of statues - doctorate cum laude - to the Institute's 2022-2023 graduates, who received their doctorates with distinction:

Paloma Alvarez Suarez, Ewa Bączyńska, Hubert Doleżyczek, Benjun Ji, Damian Matyśniak, Aleksandra Sęk, Julian Swatler (Full list of PhD. students and promoters).


Awards and prizes were also given to persons particularly involved in the popularization of science:

  • Jan Dembowski Award:

dr hab. Hanna Fabczak - former President of Nencki Foundation for the Suport of Life Science
dr Kinga Szydłowska - Head of the Nencki Institute’s Committee for Science Popularization


  • Special distinctions:

Marzena Stefaniuk
Artur Wolny
Malgorzata Całka


  • Diplomas:

Dr. Katarzyna Bartkowska, Dr. Dorota Dymkowska, Prof. Ewa Godzinska, Dr. Anna Korczynska, Dr. Adam Krzystyniak, Dr. Dorota Nowicka, Dr. Alicja Puścian, Dr. Agnieszka Strzelecka-Kiliszek, Dr. Anna Szczuka, Jacek Wróbel, Dr. Marek Wypych


After the official part, the picnic in the gardens of the Institute began, during which, over a barbecue and coffee, employees, alumni, and invited guests discussed until late in the afternoon.

Thank you and see you next year!

Date of publication
30 May 2023